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Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Draft Party

By July 9, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments
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Now that the NFL draft has come and gone, we’re fully into the swing of fantasy football draft season. Whether you’re drafting for your Dynasty League or Redraft League, draft day is the day all fantasy football players look forward to. Particularly after this past year, many fantasy footballers are roaring and ready for the opportunity to have in-person drafting again. If you’re planning on hosting a draft for the first time there are plenty of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Below are just a few things to consider when hosting your fantasy draft.

Look to Leaguemates for Assistance

Whether you drew the short straw or volunteered out of your own volition, hosting doesn’t have to be a one person job. Everyone in the league should help prepare for the day of the draft in some capacity. This could be a simple gesture such as, pitching in for food, or helping with setting up items like a draft board. If you’re the person hosting and begin to feel overwhelmed with everything that you have to prepare, (and if you’re not the commissioner) make sure you’re reaching out to your commish for assistance or to advise other leaguemates to offer assistance where needed. 

Plan for the Unexpected 

Much like the fantasy season itself, we hope that draft day goes off without any unforeseen circumstances arising, but as any fantasy football vet knows, you must always expect the unexpected. You don’t want to be that host that plans an extravagant poolside draft party only for it to rain the day of while having no backup plan. Consider advising to have the party at an alternate location. If you’re planning on relying on others for a variety of party favors, while semi-regular reminders are nice, nobody’s perfect. Utilizing a convenience like an alcohol delivery service when you run out of beer or having a hotspot ready in case the Wifi goes out, will make all the difference on the big day.

Come Up With a Theme

When putting together some ideas for your draft, consider incorporating a theme of some kind. Whether it be as simple of an idea as everyone coming decked out in their favorite players jersey or a full fledged Hawaiian Luau with themed cocktails and decorations. Having a theme gives the party that extra je ne sais quoi, that will really get your leaguemates excited about the big day.

Consider Hosting at an Alternate Location

When making plans within your league to gather for an in person draft, there are plenty of factors that should be considered before you offer up your place. Of course if your space is not conducive to hosting a party of that size, it should really go without saying that you shouldn’t offer to host. Additionally if you have an affinity to get fairly anxious or uncomfortable when you have guests over, again, do not host. No one is going to ostracize you for not hosting, as even if no one has the place to do so, there are plenty of destinations where you can rent space to host your event.

Don’t Block Out Leaguemates Suggestions

Just because you can’t make all the people happy all the time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Especially on draft day, one of, if not the most, sacred day of the year. It should be the role of the commissioner to get the gears grinding on draft day plans, but don’t be afraid to speak your mind if you have a solid vision in mind. If you do plan on hosting said event make sure that no suggestions are falling on deaf ears. Listen to your leaguemates, despite how in season they are technically your rivals, making everyone happy and heard on draft day can go a long way (and potential aid in trade negotiations down the line).

Don’t Forget to Focus on Your Team

While being a prepared and cordial host is a daunting chore on it’s own, be sure not to forget the whole reason for the event; the fantasy football draft. It can be easy to lose sight of the goal, but you must stay focused on the task at hand. Make sure you’re doing your homework. It’s important to remain up to date on any offseason moves that were made. If possible come prepared with a draft strategy and/or your own comprehensive list of tier based rankings. And of course be sure to listen to the Let’s Talk Football Podcast for news and tips all throughout the season.



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