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The 10 Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts Of 2020

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When it comes to the world of fantasy football advice, it’s the wild wild west. Anyone can claim to be a fantasy football expert, but very few truly live up to the title.  We’re not here to preach about LTFF (while we do appreciate the love), we’re here to talk about the top 10 fantasy football Instagram accounts of 2020 (at least in our opinion).

Picking a top-10 is no easy task.  There are dozens of high-quality fantasy football accounts, of all sizes, that deserve your follows and interactions.

In fact, we expect this list to be somewhat controversial as some of the names here are hated by many and others are closely guarded secrets.

We’ve broken down each of the top 10 fantasy football Instagram accounts for 2020 with a quick line about what we love/hate and what you can expect from them.

So let’s get into the best accounts of 2020…so far.

The Top 10 Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts of 2020

The only disclaimer about the Instagram account list is that it’s in no specific order. We don’t endorse #1 more than #10, they just simply have to be listed out.

We know you won’t love all of these options, so pick through the ones you like and skip the ones you don’t. And go give the ones you might like a follow, it means a ton to all of the accounts out there.


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Expert

One of the popular Instagram accounts for keeping track of the latest NFL news is Fantasy Football Expert. They provide the latest stats by showcasing the top performers for that week’s games.

Longtime followers believe this account has set the standard since it’s inception on the internet. Often, the comments are more candid than you might have expected. ​​​​​​​

This is a must-have on the list of the best 2020 Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts.


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Prophet

Which serious fantasy football owner wouldn’t want a little extra help when it comes to winning their league’s title. However, that may involve doing some actual research in order to improve your own situation in the league standings.

For some, that may be too much ask for. Well, just follow Fantasy Football Prophet on Instagram as their expert commentary offers the same insight as an NFL scout. Just don’t be surprised when your fantasy football team moves up in the standings.

We’re a fan of Fantasy Football Prophet for 2020.


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Counselor

The Fantasy Football Counselor is very hot and cold. Considered by many to be the “Face” of fantasy football on Instagram, it’s important to note that he can rub people the wrong way.

The Counselor is known to be standoffish in the comments, block accounts and followers who don’t agree with him and argue until he is blue in the face.

As one of the largest Instagram fantasy accounts, he has a loyal following. He has some good to offer the community, it’s up to you if you believe what he’s selling


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Upperhand

The Upperhand Fantasy Instagram account provides an excellent overview of the NFL action each week. The videos and statistical information offered are the most comprehensive coverage in the business.

You can always count on in-depth analysis, responses in the comments and a personality that you can connect with.

We’ve also had UpperHand on the podcast in the past, and we’re personal fans.

He’s a must-follow for 2020 Fantasy Football players.


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - 101


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Couch


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Mind


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - Fotoballers


The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - AnalystBonus: Let’s Talk Fantasy Football

The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Accounts - LTFF

We couldn’t finish up the list without mentioning us. We know it seems self-serving, but we didn’t list ourselves as one of the top-10 best fantasy Instagram accounts of 2020, we just created a bonus listing.

We’re a mix of everything NFL & Fantasy Football as an Instagram account.  We post a ton of NFL Memes (shoutout to those we credit for those), Podcasts, Draft Advice & everything in between.

We like to think we’re pretty well rounded, but we’re always working to get better.

So here’s to a bigger and better 2020, you fantasy football Instagram addicts.  Send us a DM with your fantasy questions and we’ll answer you…or don’t send them in and lose. It’s totally your call.

The Best Fantasy Football Instagram Account Debate

Cutting the list down to the top 10 fantasy football Instagram accounts was no easy task (plus us as a bonus…you’re welcome).

We felt that these 10 accounts give you the best shot at a 2020 fantasy football championship.

We know that there are other accounts you may trust or new ones that will prove their winners in 2020, but for now, we’ll roll with this.

And if your Instagram account or the account you write for is listed here, don’t take it for granted. We’re always reevaluating the best of the best, even when it’s not us (which hurts us deep down in our souls).

So keep telling us your favorites…it may get them onto our kinda coveted list.

PS. We asked for your votes previously in our Instagram/Google Mini Giveaway. We still would love to hear your top picks, even if the giveaway is now over for the 2020 season. Comment below or on our Instagram post!

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