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COVID-19 Fantasy Football League Changes

By September 2, 2020May 25th, 2021No Comments

2020. The year is 2020 which has turned into a verb “You just got 2020’d!”. The world is dealing with riots, protests, a flailing economy, and the monster of them all being the invisible enemy COVID-19. It has us wondering every day… “Will it shut down everything? Sports? Bars? Church? Gentlemen’s Clubs? Anything can happen and all at a moment’s notice.

So where does that leave us glorious fantasy football managers? It undoubtably poses the ever-important question of “Will a COVID quarantine cost me a championship”? The answer is YES… yes it most certainly will. COVID is going to wreck your fantasy team, keep you from winning the coveted championship, prevent you from hoisting the trophy at year’s-end, impact your Bermuda vacation money that you have planned for January & impact everything else in your life… That is of course unless you talk to your league commissioner. Right. Now.

2020 bring a different fantasy world & to mitigate disaster, it is important to consider 3 important changes to your season.

  1. Ensure there are extra IR spots
  2. Allow more bench players
  3. Add more rounds to your draft day to prolong your precious time with friends & colleagues (my personal favorite).

Adding Injured Reserve spaces is one of the few ways to deal with your roster and curbing the headache of COVID. Give each team 1-3 IR spots to which allows teams to place players who are placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list. An IR spot allows you keep a player on your roster and not succumb to losing them through the waiver wire. Once that player is back in action in the league and COVID-free, they are activated back in your roster and you’re able to drop that 3-4-week schmuck that you’ve been rolling with.

Adding additional bench players is also crucial. Let’s say you draft Zeke and he pops up on the Covid19 list the day before the game. Having additional bench spots so that you can afford to have Tony Pollard on your bench is necessary. With added bench spots, everyone is afforded the luxury of holding more handcuffs when those starters are stricken with COVID.

In conclusion, being very vigilant as a manager and seeing that your commissioner hasn’t been living under a rock is key to a successful league. Based on the other sports that are ongoing at this moment, there is little doubt that players WILL catch the virus as the season progresses, maybe even whole teams (hello Florida Marlins).

Buckle up for a fun & creative 2020 fantasy season because it will be one bumpy ride.

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