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Fantasy Football

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

By July 12, 2019May 25th, 2021No Comments

Edited 7/27/19: This is our list from 2018/2019. We’re STILL working to compile the full list for 2019.  If you see a mix of  years labeled here, it’s just due to the yearly update. The content is still GOLD (at least we like to think so). For now, we’ve started rolling out updates team by team in the team names category here! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like the best time of the year! Of course, we mean NFL and fantasy football time! (You didn’t really think we’d say Christmas did you!? Although it is a close second.)

Because we love talking fantasy football, fantasy football team names and everything else you can imagine, you might find this post at different points in the season. So if it’s already past week 1 of the 2019 NFL season, just skip forward to the fantasy football team name part. Or, you can hang around for the stories and fun that we share before the team name lists.

Here’s the reason you’re here: The Ultimate 2019 Fantasy Football Team Name Guide.

We know you want the list and the names more than you truly care about us, and that’s okay. But hear us out just for a few minutes.

We search the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, and everywhere in-between to find the best fantasy football team names for 2019.

Why? Because we care.

Seeing fantasy football owners with non-original or boring team names kill us every year. In fact, a piece of The D.O.N. (podcast listeners know what we’re saying) dies every time you leave your name unchanged each week. Here’s the problem, we like The D.O.N. so we want to keep him alive.

The original idea for a best team name post comes from our very own league (dubbed League Awesome) where we change our fantasy team names weekly (most of us…sigh) to mock each other or to show some love to our teams (both fantasy and NFL favorites). We’ve updated this post since 2015 and decided that the 2018 version deserved a makeover (and it’s own post with the yearly edits). If you’re searching for the 2017 version, we kept it live here.

A quick shoutout to all of you fantasy football fans out there, without you we wouldn’t need to come up with a list of more than 5,000+ of the best fantasy football team names for 2018. Keep up the amazing work.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our ultimate guide to the best fantasy football team names of 2019.

You’re welcome.

The Best Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Arizona CardinalsThe Arizona Cardinals are a totally new team in 2018. They’ve got a new head coach in Steve Wilks (former DC of the Panthers), David Johnson is rumored to be healthy for the 2018 season, Larry Fitzgerald is staying for another year (a fantasy football darling) and signed both Sam Bradford (they paid him how much?) and Mike Glennon. That means there are a ton of new fantasy team names coming for 2018 and some old ones will return.

We’ll cover the fantasy impacts of the 2018 Arizona Cardinals on the podcast so you’re ready to dominate your friends in fantasy.

Here’s the list that will let you dominate them in the trash talk and team name department relating to the best and funniest Arizona Carindals fantasy football team names of 2018.

  2. My Hognson is Better Than Yours
  3. Chronicles of Reddick
  4. Giving Opponents Fitz
  5. The Arians Brotherhood
  6. Blame Gabbert
  7. Honey Baddger Don’t Care
  8. Honey Baddger Don’t Give a Shit
  9. Tyrann-osaurus
  10. Iupati be Kidding Me
  11. Sweaty Palmers
  12. Fitz and the Touchdowns
  13. Fitz Like a Glove
  14. Puttin on the Fitz
  15. House of Cards
  16. Giving Defenses Fitz
  17. Pop, Lock, And Docket
  18. Dropping a Doucet
  19. Fitzgerald Broflovski
  20. Show Me Your Fitz
  21. Kibbles ‘N Fitz
  22. The Daily Fitz-Hearld
  23. Jack and the BeanieStalk

The Best Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Atlanta FalconsThe 2019 Atlanta Falcons are ready to rumble for the 2019 season.

We’ve already tackled the 2019 fantasy football outlook for the Falcons in our 2019 podcast preview, which tells you all about who we love and hate for 2019.

With so many returning big names, the 2019 fantasy football team name list is going to look familiar to many of you, but don’t sweat it. Here are our top Atlanta Falcons fantasy team names for 2019, dig in!

  1. All I do is Quinn
  2. Orange Julio and Matty Ice
  3. The Falcoholics
  4. Tak’s Picture Frames
  5. Julio Think You Are?
  6. Julio Let The Dogs Out?
  7. Game of Jones
  8. Devonta’s Inferno
  9. Nothing in Life is Free, Man
  10. Armed Schaubbery
  11. Highway Schaubbery
  12. I’m Falcon Awesome
  13. The Second Half Doesn’t Count
  14. Mike Vick in a Box
  15. Julio’s Hamstring of Steel
  16. Matty’s Ice Cubes
  17. Raging Falcoholics
  18. You’re Falcon Right
  19. I’m Falcon Your Mom
  20. Rowdy Roddy
  21. Ring Around the Osi

The Best Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Baltimore RavensThe Baltimore Ravens came into free agency targeting some big names but they initially fell short. But when the Packers shocked the world and released Jordy Nelson a chain of events occurred that none of us saw coming: Michael Crabtree becoming a Raven. Fans of rival NFC North teams can’t be happy about the news, understandably. What that means for you is some new fantasy team names for the Ravens as they also added John Brown and kept Alex Collins in town (another frustrating fantasy own in 2017.)

With the Let’s Talk Fantasy Football team excited to talk Ravens (and the elite (ha) Joe Flacco) on the podcast, we’ll digress to our best Baltimore Ravens fantasy football team names for 2018.

  1. Ball So Hard University
  2. “Flacco” Means “God” in Delaware
  3. Flaccoroni and Cheese
  4. What Yanda Do About It?
  5. Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker
  6. Suggs-ual Healing
  7. 50 Shades of Ray
  8. Waka Flacco Flame
  9. Ray Rice’s Photography Service
  10. Morning, Woodhead
  11. Ray Lewis’ House of Pain
  12. Flaccoholics Anonymous
  13. Tucker? I Hardly Know Her!
  14. Brawltimore
  15. That’s So Ravens
  16. The Ronnie Stanley Parable
  17. Rantin’ & Raven
  18. Ngata Gonna Lose
  19. Hakuna Ma-Ngata
  20. I Have a Rice Beater On
  21. Beats By Ray
  22. Frosted Flaccos
  23. You Are Ngata Father
  24. Waka Flacco Flame
  25. Why’d Rice Decker?
  26. Rice By The Pound
  27. Don’t Give Me No Flacco
  28. Cut Him Some Flacco
  29. Rice to Beat You

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The Best Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Buffalo BillsAhhh the Bills Mafia. We love watching the videos, hearing the audio and waiting for what’s next from you guys. We have no doubt that 2018  is going to be an entertaining year because of you guys. But we digress. From the football side, the Bills have made a ton of changes! Tyrod Taylor (aka TyGod) is now the starter for the Browns, the Bills signed AJ McCarron, Chris Ivory and Vontae Davis. This means a ton of new killer Buffalo Bills fantasy football team names for 2018.

Of course, we’ll talk about the Buffalo Bills on the LTFF podcast, but we’re not sure we can do as great of a job as Bills Mafia does with each social media post. We’ll keep our eyes on you for our next inspiration. With that info, you shouldn’t be shocked at the first name on the list for our best 2018 Buffalo Bills fantasy football team names.

  1. The Real McCoy
  2. Need for Speed
  3. Buffa-low Expectations
  4. Playing with Hausch Money
  5. Staying Incognito
  6. Natural Born Spillers
  7. Elementary, My Dear Watkins
  8. Catch me Hauschka, how bout dah
  9. Show Me Your TDs
  10. Tyrodasaurus Rex
  11. Taylor Made
  12. Tim the Tyrod Taylor
  13. Taylor Park Boys
  14. In Tyrod we Trust
  15. It’s Always Shady in Buffalo
  16. The Shady Bunch
  17. Backfields and McCoys
  18. McCoy Meets World
  19. Watkins on Sunshine
  20. Long Watkins on Shady Beaches
  21. 1.21 Gigawatkins
  22. Turn Down for Watkins
  23. EJ’s Football Manuel
  24. Kill Bills
  25. Buffa-low Expectations
  26. Tuel Time
  27. The Bryce is Right
  28. Flutie and the Blowfish
  29. Manuel Can Hackett
  30. Lawson’s Creek
  31. Offices of Williams, Williams and Williams
  32. Read the Manuel
  33. Truth or Dareus
  34. Elementary My Dear Watkins
  35. Watkins Makes My Woods Grow
  36. Turn Down for Watkins
  37. Read the Freaking Manuel
  38. Angry Byrds
  39. Bills Mafia

The Best Carolina Panthers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are pretty much what you’re expecting for 2018. They’re still Cam centered with other pieces coming in to play. Jonathan Stewart left in free agency to join the Giants, the Panthers are excited about Devin Funchess and Greg Olsen was reportedly auditioning for MNF as an analyst. As far as changes go, the Panthers you know and love are here for 2018.

Whenever we talk Panthers on the LTFF podcast, we get heated. Our love for Cam usually varies widely and it’ll be interesting to see what Funchess can truly do in 2018. The one thing we know for sure is that Funchess always makes the list of team names, and our selections for the best 2018 Carolina Panthers fantasy football team names won’t disappoint.

  1. You Cam Do It
  2. Uptown Funchess
  3. The Funchess Monsters
  4. Good Ole Christian Boys
  5. Red Hot Julius Peppers
  6. Mary-Kate & Greg Olsen
  7. License to Kalil
  8. Kuech-in it Real
  9. Graham Crackers
  10. Delhomme on the Range
  11. Wham! Bam! Thank You Cam!
  12. Newtons Law
  13. I Cam in My Shorts
  14. Finish Him Kuechly
  15. Bust a McNutt
  16. How about GaNO
  17. The Tolbert Report
  18. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  19. Green Eggs and Cam
  20. To Whom the Bell Tolberts
  21. Oh God I Just Cam
  22. Cam’s Laws of Motion
  23. All About the Benjamins
  24. Shootin’ Newton
  25. Fig Newtons

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The Best Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Chicago BearsThe 2018 Chicago Bears may be one of the more exciting up and coming teams this season. You can attribute it to the free agency moves, handing over the reigns to the non-rookie (technically) or the fact that some people are comparing them to the Rams of 2017 (pump the breaks). Either way, 2018 should look up for Chicago Bears fans…it can’t get much worse than 2017.

We’ve already hit the Bears in our 2018 fantasy preview podcast, where we throw some cautious optimism out into the world. The only thing we can truly recommend at this point…our 2018 Chicago Bears fantasy team names will give you something to cheer about.

  1. Bear Jordan
  2. Karma’s a Mitch
  3. Cruz’n For a Bruisin
  4. Cruz Missiles
  5. Cruz’n into Your DMs
  6. Kevin White Walkers
  7. Da Bear Necessities
  8. The hurt Lacher
  9. Forte inch Ditka
  10. Moby Ditka
  11. Does my Butkus look big?
  12. Robbie’s Gould Diggers
  13. All That is Gould Does Not Glitter
  14. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
  15. Smokin Jay Cutler
  16. Suck My Ditka
  17. Grinning and Bearing It
  18. Peppers Bear Spray
  19. Cutler’s Last Stand

The Best Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - BengalsThe 2018 Cincinnati Bengals hold a special place in our hearts. Why? Well Vinny is a miserable Bengals fan for starters (sigh) and this might just be the year we can get the RB position for fantasy owners right.

If we’re being honest, AJ Green and Andy Dalton are going to hookup like they always do (let’s keep this football related) and give you the fantasy points you love. Which is why our 2018 Cincinnati Bengals fantasy football team name list is littered with names relating to them. So…let’s get started.

  1. Dalton Abbey
  2. Andy Dalton’s Red Zone
  3. Smoke A.J.
  4. Green Eggs & Hill
  5. Adam Jones’ Counseling Services
  6. All But Burfict
  7. Sorry, Eifert-ed
  8. Over the Hill
  9. McCarron, My Wayward Son
  10. Eifert the Law and the Law Won
  11. Eight Titanics = Ocho Sinko
  12. Marvin On Up, to the East Side
  13. Peko Mon Go
  14. Pac-man Go
  15. WhoDey & The Blowfish
  16. Burfict Strangers
  17. Pokemon Gio
  18. A For Eifert
  19. Nobody’s Burfict
  20. The Geno Atkins Diet
  21. It Ertz when Eifert
  22. Death by Sanu
  23. Marvin on Up to the East Side
  24. Pardon Me Eiferted
  25. Practice Makes Burfict
  26. Beats by Dre Kirkpatrick
  27. It’s Always Greener In Cincy
  28. Ginger Paradise
  29. Higher Than AJ’s Green
  30. The Eifert Tower
  31. Lewis’ Sinks Ships
  32. Sanu and Improved
  33. Crash & Bernard
  34. My Fleener Ertz When Eifert
  35. Me & Julio Down By The Bernard

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The Best Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Team Names of 2018

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names - Cleveland Browns

  • Where Draft Picks Go to Die
  • Kizer Soze: Making Wins Disappear
  • Josh Gordon’s Liquor Store
  • Brock Osweiler’s QB Camp
  • Haden Go Seek
  • Myles to Go Before We Win
  • Myles Away from a Championship
  • Counting Crowells
  • You’ve Got to be Njoku-ng Me
  • Hue Betcha
  • Space Browns
  • Fifty Shades of Browns
  • There’s Always Next Year
  • Diced Jabrill Peppers
  • Time to Grow Up and Be a Manziel
  • Josh Gordon’s Third Strike
  • They See Me Rollin’ They Haden
  • Tickel me Manzielmo
  • A Mingo Ate My Brady
  • Don’t Touch My Johnny Manziel
  • Manziel in Distress
  • Where’s Johnny?
  • The Johnny Cleveland Show
  • Fast Times When Gordon’s High
  • Second Hand Smoke
  • Manziel in the Mirror
  • R U Haden on Johnny Manziel?

The Best Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Cowboys Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

Some would say that the Dallas Cowboys had a fantastic offseason.

In fact, anything less than an appearance in the NFC Championship Game will be a disappointment in 2019. Although America’s team lost fan-favorite Cole Beasley to the Buffalo Bills in free agency, the Cowboys added plenty of talent.

We’ve already taken a deep dive into the 2019 Dallas Cowboys from a fantasy perspective, in our 2019 Cowboys preview podcast & fantasy team name/team overview post.

But since you’re here for the best Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names, here they are:

  1. Dez Dispenser
  2. Dez-ed and Confused
  3. Carr Rescue
  4. No Romo
  5. A Lump of Cole Beasley
  6. And So It Was Witten
  7. Dez for Prez
  8. Kittens Love Witten
  9. The Claiborne Identity
  10. When in Romo
  11. Wide Open Dezert
  12. Witten in the Stars
  13. Romosexual Tendencies
  14. Dez Nuts
  15. Crest Pro Wittening
  16. America’s Fantasy Team
  17. Dak to the Future
  18. Dak in a Box
  19. No Mo Romo
  20. Zeke-A Virus
  21. Ez-E Duz It
  22. Raindrop, crop tops
  23. Hide & Zeke
  24. Zeke Squad
  25. A Zeke Outlook
  26. The Walking Dez
  27. King Ezekiel
  28. Dez Does Dallas
  29. Final Dez-tination
  30. Witteness Protection Program
  31. Chidobe Flash Player
  32. Taco-ver the league
  33. Dak Attack
  34. Cowboy Up
  35. And so It was Witten
  36. Dak in a Box
  37. Dak to the Future
  38. The Legend of Zeke
  39. Zeke of Nature
  40. Get Your Zeke On
  41. Lonestar Stunners
  42. Wittenness Protection Program
  43. America’s Fantasy Team
  44. Witten in the Stars
  45. Witten do that if I were you
  46. Hangin With Amari Cooper
  47. Mittens Like Witten
  48. Obi Wan Chidobe
  49. Are You Afraid of the Dak?
  50. Jerry’s World
  51. Make Amari-ca Great Again

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The Best Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Broncos Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

While we haven’t quite finished our 2019 fantasy preview of the Denver Broncos & the AFC West just yet, we’ve already covered a ton of divisons on our 2019 fantasy football podcast.

If you want to tune in, you can find us on Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play & more. We’ve even embeded below for easy access.

For the best 2019 Denver Broncos fantasy football team names, we’ve also got you covered here.

  1. Vonn Miller Lite
  2. Up Jamaal Night to Get Lucky
  3. Jamaal About Dat Bass, No Fumble
  4. OpThomas Prime
  5. BeWare of the Vonster
  6. Butt of All Jokes
  7. Jake Butt, The Tight End
  8. I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie
  9. Knowshow Moreno
  10. Shanahan Jobs
  11. Can’t Stop MasterPeyton
  12. Save a Bronco, Ride a Cowboy
  13. Wes-amphetamines
  14. Rocky Manning High
  15. Manning of Steel
  16. Kyle Orton’s Neck Beard
  17. Tim Tebow’s Youth Group
  18. Orton Hears a Who
  19. Chutes and Latimers
  20. Prater the Greater
  21. WareWolfes of Denver
  22. Mile High Club
  23. Broncaholics
  24. Mile High Mustache Ride
  25. Demaryius Targaryen
  26. Von Millerbrand Disease
  27. Dark Knighton Rises
  28. They See Me Bowlen
  29. Number 1 Fanning
  30. Von WareWolfe
  31. Miller Highlife
  32. Ingram Toenails

The Best Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Lions Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Caldswell that ends well
  2. Stafford Infection
  3. Inglorious Staffords
  4. Built StafFord Tough
  5. Golden Tate Warriors
  6. Abdullah ObloNgata
  7. Ngata Gonna Lose
  8. Hakuna Ma-Ngata
  9. Chronicles of Riddick
  10. Golden Taint
  11. Speaking in Ebronics
  12. Living on a Prater
  13. The Ansah
  14. Jamaican Joique Chicken
  15. A Little Bush on My Johnson
  16. Hooked on Ebronics
  17. Megatrons Johnson
  18. Stafford Infection
  19. Joique to the World
  20. Golden Taint
  21. Gettin’ Ziggy With It
  22. Calvin’s Johnson
  23. The Joique-y Boys
  24. Keep Calm and Megatron
  25. Ansah To My Prayers
  26. Joique Your Chains

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The Best Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Packers Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Lambeaughinis
  2. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  3. Corn on the Cobb
  4. The Last Jordy
  5. Cops and Rodgers
  6. Jordy wanna ride with me
  7. 50 Shades of Clay
  8. Favre Dollar Footlong
  9. Favre Finger Death Punch
  10. Martellus Something We Don’t Know
  11. Armed Rodgery
  12. Pack It In
  13. I Drive A Lambeaughini
  14. The Clay Matthews Band
  15. Straight Outta Cobbton
  16. Corn Cobb Pipe
  17. Prepare for the Clinton-Dix
  18. Monica Loves Clinton Dix
  19. Corn on the Cobb
  20. Armed Rodgery
  21. Lacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  22. Lambeau Leapers
  23. Lacy is Victorious Secret
  24. CheeseHead a Lot of Dix
  25. Teach Me How to Raji
  26. Favre from Retiring
  27. Aaron It Out
  28. Jumpin’ For Jordy
  29. Slob On My Cobb
  30. The Cream of the Cobb

The Best Houston Texans Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Texans Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Watt Me Whip, Watt Me JJ
  2. Hopkins in the Cadillac
  3. Watt More Could You Ask For?
  4. More Cushing for the Pushing
  5. Fetty Watt
  6. Whoopee Cushings
  7. Wattaburger
  8. The Garden of Weeden
  9. Cowboys and Arians
  10. Houston, We Have a Problem
  11. Who Lechler Dogs Out?
  12. Arian Supremacy
  13. Foster…Arian for Beer
  14. Arian Foster the People
  15. Arian the Hendersons
  16. Andre the Giant Johnson
  17. Armed Schaubbery
  18. Highway Schaubbery
  19. Insane Clowney Posse ft. DJ Watt
  20. Turn Down for Watt
  21. J.J. SWAT Team
  22. More Cushing for the Pushing
  23. Clowney Questions, Bro
  24. Clowney the Circus Centerpiece
  25. DeAndre Hopkins University
  26. Arian My Wayward Son
  27. A Foster Always Pays His Debts
  28. Run Foster Run!
  29. Send in the Clowneys

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The Best Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Colts Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

The Colts offense is poised for a killer 2017, both in fantasy football and real life. That’s music to fantasy owners ears, which means they just need a killer Colts fantasy inspired team name to rub it in their opponents face just a little more.

If you’re a Colts fan and can’t find a fantasy football team name that makes you chuckle, we’re dissapointed. Enjoy these Luck and other player inspired team names!

  1. Luckness Monster
  2. Donte’s Inferno
  3. Better to be Lucky than Good
  4. Racking Up Hilton Points
  5. Luck Dynasty
  6. Dungy’s and Dragons
  7. Oscar Meyer Fleeners
  8. Dungy’s and Dragons
  9. T.Y. Very Much
  10. When it Waynes, It Gores
  11. Mingo Unchained
  12. Live Freeney or Addai Hard
  13. Fleener-Schnitzel
  14. The Curtis Painter Administration
  15. Luck My Balls
  16. Irsay It Ain’t So
  17. TY Goes to the Runner
  18. Hooker? I Hardly Know Her!
  19. Playing With My Fleener
  20. Oscar Meyer Fleener
  21. Fleener-Schnitzel
  22. How I Lucked Your Mother
  23. Makin It Wayne
  24. Don’t Luck at my Fleener
  25. All You Need is Luck
  26. T.Y. Beanie Babies
  27. Natural Bjoern Killers
  28. Check My Balls
  29. The Luckness Monster
  30. Colt Following
  31. Bradshawshank Redemption
  32. Luck Be a Brady Tonight
  33. Luck My Ass
  34. T.Y Very Much

The Best Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Frosted Blakes
  2. 3rd Degree Hurns
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  4. Yeldon Make Me Lose My Mind
  5. The Hurns Locker
  6. Blame Gabbert
  7. Henne Boo Boo
  8. Bortlesaurus
  9. Scobee Snacks
  10. Scobee Wan Kenobi
  11. Scobee Diving
  12. The Henne Badger
  13. 50 Shades of Teal
  14. Meet the Allen Robinsons
  15. Feel the Hurns
  16. I’m With Hurns
  17. Henne Given Sunday
  18. Blackmon and Decker
  19. Henne I Shrunk the Kids
  20. Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down
  21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  22. Cecil Pants
  23. Full Metal Joeckel
  24. Joeckel & Hyde
  25. Toby or Not To Be
  26. OMG! They Killed Henne!
  27. Orange is the New Blackmon
  28. Scobee and the Gerharts
  29. The Hurns Locker
  30. That’s Supposed Toby a Graham?
  31. Make It Blaine

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The Best Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

Please note that some of them are oldies but goodies and I’m leaving them here as I like to be nastolgic about the good and bad (mostly bad) times. Here’s what I’ve got for 2019 Kansas City Chiefs fantasy team names folks.

  1. CrocoKnile Dundee (from BJG1009)
  2. The Abdullah-oblongata (from ChiefBearcat)
  3. Breaston Largements (from DCherry35)
  4. 2 Girls 1 Succop (from CommanderinCHIEFS)
  5. He. Could. Go Jamaal. The. Way.
  6. Sutton Funny Is Going On Here
  7. Hungry HipPoe
  8. The Pillsbury PoeBoys
  9. Tommy Bahama Collectors Club
  10. Louie Aguiar’s Mustache
  11. Husain in the Membrane
  12. Reidburger in Paradise (from ChiefsandCigars)
  13. Reid’em & Weep
  14. Chiefs Without a Cassel
  15. Dontari’s Toe
  16. Kids in the Hali
  17. The Midwest Knile Virus
  18. Charles and The Touchdown Factory
  19. Reid Option
  20. Berry the Hatchet
  21. KCMasterPriest
  22. Dante’s Haulin Oates
  23. Fury of the Knile
  24. Zombo Apocalypse
  25. KC Chiefs R Us
  26. Hali Hali Oxen Free
  27. Jamaal’s Dash n Andy’s Stache
  28. Kniley and Cyrus
  29. Blitz Berry Crunch
  30. 50 Shades of Bray
  31. The Knile-High Club
  32. Tou-be Continued
  33. Avery Damn Time
  34. Sea of Reid
  35. Berry, Berry, Quite Dontari
  36. Jamaal Day Long
  37. I’m Your HuckleBerry
  38. Hali Berry’s TDs
  39. Colquitt While You’re Ahead
  40. You Don’t Know Poe
  41. Consider Me Knile Davis
  42. Doreidos
  43. The Hali Llama
  44. Grback to the Future
  45. Jamaalin’ me crazy?
  46. Too legit to Colquitt
  47. Shut the Succop!
  48. Charles in Charge
  49. Berries and Cherries
  50. Berry, Berry Good
  51. The Hali Lama
  52. Berry, Berry, Quite Dontari
  53. Too Legit to Colquitt
  54. Chief Checkdown
  55. Welcome to Mahomes
  56. Mahomes, Your Home
  57. Tamba-Hawk Chop
  58. Jamaal About That Bass, No Fumble
  59. He. Could. Go. Jamaal. The. Way.
  60. Sweet Onion Chicken Moeaki
  61. Death on the Knile
  62. It’s Knile Or Never!
  63. Living In DeKnile
  64. See the Dwayne Bowe, Taste the Dwayne Bowe
  65. Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe
  66. Please Don’t Succop

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The Best Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Chargers Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

The Los Angeles Chargers had their best regular-season record since 2009 with a 12-4 mark last season. Heading into 2019, it seems their success to win the AFC West is depended upon the throwing arm of Philip Rivers. But can a serious Super Bowl contender rely heavily on a quarterback heading into the back nine of a Hall-of-Fame career?

The Chargers hope Rivers can duplicate his passing numbers from a year ago: 4,308 yards, 32 TDs, 12 interceptions, and a 71.2 quarterback rating. That’s a lot to ask from Rivers who is heading into his 16th professional season.

We all know and love (well…some of us don’t love him) Phillip Rivers, which means we know a ton of these fantasy team names are going to be about him. But in reality, the Chargers are on the move…to either the bottom of the AFC West or to compete for the title. You never know which Chargers team you are going to get, which leads us to the only certainty we know about them: Our 2019 Chargers fantasy football team name list.

It’s the BEST 2019 LA Chargers fantasy football team name list we’ve ever had.

  1. San Die-going, Going, Gone
  2. Over The Rivers & Through The Gates To LaDainian’s House We Go
  3. LA LA BYE
  4. A Rivers Runs Through the Gates of Hell
  5. Antonio’s Pearly Gates
  6. Down by the Rivers
  7. The Rivers Burst the FloodGates
  8. A Lamp for the Forrest
  9. When I Go, I Philip Rivers
  10. Knock on Woodhead
  11. All About Dem Benjamins
  12. Rochells on the Seashore
  13. Peeping Tomlinsons
  14. Every Kiss Begins With Kaeding
  15. Just Kaeding
  16. Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend’s School of Existence
  17. Manti Te’o’s Catfish Crew
  18. Messing With Manti
  19. She Gives Woodhead
  20. Cry Me a Rivers
  21. Bolt Up
  22. The Gates are Open
  23. Morning Woodhead
  24. Just Kaeding
  25. Mystic Rivers
  26. Philip Givers, Antonio Takes
  27. Rivers Me Timbers
  28. Every Kiss Begins With Kaeding
  29. Gates Screwed Me
  30. A Rivers Runs Through It
  31. Da Bolt Gang
  32. The Lords of Lightning
  33. BosaNova
  34. Gordon Lightfoot
  35. Are You Lynn 2 Win
  36. Flash Gordon Lives Here
  37. In Tyrod We Trust
  38. Keenan Allen in the Family
  39. Ready to Pouncey
  40. Lightning Strikes
  41. The Rivers Run Baby Blue
  42. Gordon Gone Wild
  43. Rivers Bolo Ties Watching
  44. Bosa’s Bozos
  45. Weddle Me This
  46. Good Melvin
  47. Insane in the Membrane
  48. Pouncey No Evil
  49. House of Henry
  50. Watt Are Those

With Phillip Rivers at the helm, there are always a ton of Chargers fantasy team names at his expense.  Which ones are your favorites and which LA Chargers fantasy team names are we missing? Tell us below!

The Best Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Rams Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Goff of Throws
  2. Goff my Chains
  3. Goff Balls
  4. Shake it Goff
  5. Gurley Gone Wild
  6. Gurley Man
  7. 2 Gurley’s 1 Cup
  8. The Gurley Gates
  9. InTrumaine Treatment
  10. Ramily Matters
  11. Our Barron and Donald is better
  12. Bad Case of Laurinaitis
  13. Isaiah Pead on My Shoes
  14. Don’t Be a Gurley Man
  15. Stafford-Upon-Tavon
  16. Tavon Austin 3:16
  17. Rams Bringing It Up The Rear
  18. Da Bolt Gang
  19. The Lords of Lightning
  20. BosaNova
  21. Gordon Lightfoot
  22. Are You Lynn 2 Win
  23. Flash Gordon Lives Here
  24. In Tyrod We Trust
  25. Keenan Allen in the Family
  26. Ready to Pouncey
  27. Lightning Strikes
  28. The Rivers Run Baby Blue
  29. Gordon Gone Wild
  30. Rivers Bolo Ties Watching
  31. Bosa’s Bozos
  32. Weddle Me This
  33. Good Melvin
  34. Insane in the Membrane
  35. Pouncey No Evil
  36. House of Henry
  37. Watt Are Those

These are some of our 2019 favorites, what LA Chargers fantasy team names are your favorites!?

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The Best Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Dolphins Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Kung Suh Panda
  2. Dirty Landry
  3. Wake Suhperior
  4. The Tannehillbillies
  5. SUHcker punch
  6. Tannesaurus Rex
  7. Let Misi About That
  8. Moore than Just a Backup
  9. Reshad Are You Talking About?
  10. Henne Given Sunday
  11. Suh-per Bowl Bound
  12. Not so Fasano
  13. Orange Julius
  14. All Aboard the Jay Train
  15. Suh-icide Squad
  16. Smoking Not Permitted
  17. Let Misi Your TDs
  18. Tannehill’s a Marine, No?
  19. Henne, I Shrunk the Kids
  20. The Tannehills Have Eyes
  21. Mary-Ja’Wuan-A
  22. Till The Wake Drips From My Balls
  23. All These Mitchell’s Crawl
  24. Jimmy, Tannehill, Landry
  25. Cameron Wake and Bake
  26. Folding My Landry
  27. Suh’s Your Daddy Now
  28. Suh Girls, One Cup
  29. Suh Kids on the Block
  30. King of the Tannehill

The Best Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Vikings Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. The Magic Skoll Bus
  2. Purple Reign
  3. Inglorious Bradfords
  4. Murray Money Murray Problems
  5. Rudolph the Red Zone Reindeer
  6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Kyle
  7. Dalvin & The Chipmunks
  8. Cooking up some yards
  9. Laquontum Physics
  10. Don’t Tread on Me
  11. More than A. Thielen
  12. Diggs-ing you a grave
  13. BarrTender
  14. A Viking walks into a Barr
  15. The Blair Walsh Project
  16. Kalil Me Maybe
  17. The Bridgewater Connection
  18. No More Norv
  19. Yankey My Johnson
  20. The Rhodes Ahead
  21. Ponder The Future
  22. Shouldn’t Have Gone to Jared
  23. All Day I Kalil

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The Best New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

The 2019 NFL season is going to be quite special for the New England Patriots. No, it’s not because they’re the defending Super Bowl champs after defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 last February. This coming season is the franchise’s 50th season in the NFL and they will be celebrating Bill Belichick’s 20th season as the coach of the Pats as well.

Time and time again, we all have learned to never count out the Patriots come NFL playoff time. But before placing them ahead of the class in the chase for the Lombardi Trophy, Belichick will have to solve a few problems with his team’s roster. He will need to find replacements in the lineup for key players like Rob Gronkowski and Trey Flowers, who left the team this offseason.

If you’re looking for New England Patriots fantasy advice or a 2019 outlook, we’ve got you covered.  Our 2019 fantasy football podcast has covered every possible fantasy football angle.

If you’re here for the 2019 New England Patriots fantasy football team names, here are the best of the best.

  1. Hernandez Pistol Offense
  2. Hernandez Hit Men
  3. Gronk If You Wanna See My TD’s
  4. The Gronk Abides
  5. Medulla Amendola
  6. Brady Gaga
  7. Wilfork on the First Date
  8. Wilfork for Food
  9. Here’s My Number…Call Me Brady
  10. Koppen a Feel
  11. The Big Gostkowski
  12. Pimpin Ain’t Easley
  13. Ladies and Edelman
  14. Ridley’s Talib It or Not
  15. Burger Tyms
  16. Belicheck Yourself B4 You Rex Yourself
  17. Uggs and Thugs
  18. Wilfork for Food
  19. Too Easley
  20. LaFell in Love With a Girl
  21. Chronic Masterdeflater
  22. Caught Red Hernandezed
  23. Check My Balls
  24. Party Like a Gronk Star
  25. Brady and the Deflaters
  26. Brady Likes Soft Balls
  27. Airing It Out (of my balls)
  28. The Big Glasskowski
  29. Bad Mother Tucker
  30. I Don’t Give a Tuck
  31. Brady Gaga
  32. Ladies and Edelman
  33. PSI Love You
  34. Gronk’s Party Ship
  35. Deflate This
  36. Arts & Krafts
  37. Hernandez’s Hitmen
  38. More Wins Than PSI
  39. Hangin’ with Hernandez
  40. Bill Belichick’s Rental Videos
  41. Make America Gronk Again
  42. Wilfork for Food
  43. Discount Belichick
  44. The Real Slim Brady
  45. The Brady Bunch
  46. Gronkey Kong
  47. Party Like a Gronk Star
  48. Aaron Hernandez’s Pistol Offense
  49. Acute Gronkitis
  50. Solder? I Hardly Know Her!
  51. The Executive, Legal, Judicial, and Deion Branch
  52. Amendola Dolla Bills Y’all
  53. Here’s My Number, So Call Me Brady
  54. Everyone Patrick Chung Tonight
  55. Ladies and Edelman
  56. Boston TE Party
  57. Gronk’s Party Boat
  58. Hansel and Gredelman
  59. Deflate This
  60. Julian Ceasar
  61. Arts & Krafts
  62. Gronky Kong
  63. Malcolm Mitchell in the Middle
  64. Winning by Deflate
  65. SonySide Up
  66. Brady’s Air Service
  67. Hogan’s Heroes
  68. PSI I Love You
  69. Belichick’s Video Emporium
  70. Brady Needs Welker
  71. It’s Always Sony in New England
  72. Touchdown TB 12
  73. Lord of the Rings
  74. Krafty Like a Fox
  75. Brady’s Brunch
  76. In Da Hoodie
  77. You got Gronked

We know the New England Patriots can be controversial and get fans fired up. So let’s keep the debate going, what are your favorite 2019 Patriots fantasy team names? (Good or bad)

The Best New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019The Best Saints Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Ingram Toneails
  2. Cookin The Competition
  3. Easy Breesy Beautiful
  4. Breesus Christ
  5. Breesus, King of the Drews
  6. The Big Breesy
  7. Call me the Brees
  8. Breesy like Sunday Morning
  9. Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy
  10. Mountin’ Drew
  11. Ingram Toenails
  12. AP’s Daycare
  13. Ginn and Drew-ce
  14. Department of Domeland Security
  15. Saints and Sinners
  16. Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend’s School of Existence
  17. Manti Te’o’s Catfish Crew

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The Best New York Giants Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best Giants Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Turn Your Head and Coughlin
  2. Let’s get Rasharded
  3. The Playbook of Eli
  4. Eli Looks at Things
  5. Formerly Known as Prince Amakamura
  6. Live and Let Diehl
  7. Cruz Control
  8. Turn Your Head and Coughlin
  9. Rashad Hour 2
  10. Don’t Ask Donnell
  11. Pulp Fictor Cruz
  12. Kiwanuklear Warfare
  13. Pierre-Paul and Mary
  14. Me Seahorny
  15. Go Tuck Yourself
  16. Strahan Solo
  17. Eli Super Manning
  18. Rashad Peter Jennings
  19. Andre The Giant
  20. Don’t Ask Donnell
  21. Last Manning Standing
  22. Manning’s O Face
  23. Bend it like Beckham Jr.
  24. OB-13-Nobi
  25. OBJYN
  26. JPP’s Right Hand Men
  27. JPP’s 10th Finger
  28. You Down with JPP?
  29. Faces of Eli Manning
  30. Just McAdoo It
  31. Straight Outta Coughlin
  32. Manning Of Steel

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The Best New York Jets Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Jets Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Sons of Anarchy
  2. I Dream of Geno
  3. McCown’s Our Starter, We Ain’t Joshin’
  4. Finding Geno
  5. Black and Decker
  6. The Sun Will Come Out Amaro
  7. Forté with a Friend
  8. Forté Shades of Grey
  9. Forté Inch Ditka
  10. Revis and Butthead
  11. Butt Fumblers
  12. Geno’s Jawbreakers
  13. A Fitzmas Beardacle
  14. Bryce Petty and the Jaw Breakers
  15. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  16. Not My Forte
  17. Fight Through the Skrine
  18. Drinkin’ Fortes
  19. Forte Oz. to Freedom
  20. D’Brickashawshank Redemption
  21. The Forte-Year-Old Virgin
  22. Geno 911 (Geno Smith)
  23. Mangolden Corral
  24. The Mangolden Girls
  25. Fantasy Names Aren’t My Forte
  26. Hackenberger and Fries
  27. She Wants the Dee

The Best Oakland Raiders Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Raiders Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

Optimism is running high for the 2019 Oakland Raiders as Jon Gruden might have completed the heavy lifting associated with rebuilding a franchise. His first order of business in the offseason was to acquire disgruntled Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Next came, two free-agent signings (Trent Brown and Tyrell Williams) that should help solidify the offensive lineup. Throw-in first-round selection Josh Jacobs, and finally, Derek Carr has some semblance of a productive unit in front of him.

After a ton of searching and laughing at the Raiders as a whole, this is our list of Raiders fantasy football team names.  Some might even say it’s a list of the best Oakland Raiders fantasy football team names of 2019…but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

  1. The Fighting Janikowskis
  2. Raiders of the Lost QB
  3. Have Amari Christmas
  4. It’s Too Late to Say Amari
  5. Carrfuls of Skittles
  6. Dude, Where’s My Carr?
  7. To Khalil A Mockingbird
  8. Mack & Silver
  9. Mackletacklemore
  10. Horses in the Ken Stabler
  11. Just Win, Baby
  12. Mack Attack Stacks Sacks
  13. Raiders of the Lost Yards
  14. Khalil Smack
  15. Calamari Cooper
  16. Giorgio Amari
  17. Start the Carr
  18. Khalil Drogo
  19. 21 Jump Streeter
  20. Silver and Mack
  21. Carrie Me Home
  22. Kahalil’n In The Name Of
  23. Hanging with Mr. Cooper
  24. Silence! I Khalil You!
  25. What Can Antonio Brown Do For You?
  26. Ferrell’s Ice Scream
  27. In Mark Davis We Trust
  28. The Return of Chucky
  29. Let’s Make It Burfictly Clear
  30. Going to Vegas, Baby
  31. The Silver & Black Attack
  32. JJ Full Nelson
  33. A Burfict Situation
  34. Chucky Part Deuce
  35. Kolton 45
  36. No Gas In The Carr
  37. Dude, Where’s My Carr
  38. Casper, The Friendly HOF TE
  39. Going Incognito
  40. Start The Carr
  41. The Brandon Marshall Plan
  42. Here Comes Nathan Peterman
  43. Antonio Brown Rice
  44. Use Your Jonathan Hankins
  45. The Peterman Principle
  46. Brown Bag Lunch
  47. Te’von Coney Island
  48. Carr Ride Program

What are your favorite Oakland Raiders fantasy team names for 2019? Tell us below and we’ll add it and give you credit!

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The Best Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

The Best Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Steelers Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. James Harrison’s Weightlifting Instructor
  2. Saved by Le’Bell
  3. Le’Veon A Prayer
  4. Even Big Ben Is Right Twice A Day
  5. Carry On, My Heyward-Bey Son
  6. Antonio Brown’s Dance Instructor
  7. Le’Veon My Wayward Son
  8. Big Ben’s Dating Service
  9. Hell’s LeVeon Bells
  10. Antonio’s Brownies
  11. Don’t Stop BeLe’Veon
  12. Le’Veon Chocolate Diamonds
  13. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  14. My Brown-Eyed Girl
  15. I Like Hines 57 on My Roethlisberger
  16. Straight Outta Tomlin
  17. Steel Curtain
  18. Wheaton Thins
  19. 99 Problems But Big Ben Ain’t One
  20. Le’Von on a Prayer
  21. Steel Curtain
  22. Big Ben’s Dating Service
  23. Marvin Martivis
  24. Lick My Antonio Brown
  25. Devonta more Weeden, Le’Veon?
  26. Antonio’s Brownies
  27. Wheaton Thins
  28. Pittsburgh Lie, Cheat & Steelers
  29. Le’Veon My Heyward Son
  30. Saved By the Bell
  31. Archer’s Danger Zone

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The Best San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Hyde Yo Kids, Hyde Yo Wife
  2. Dr. Jekyll & Carlos Hyde
  3. American Hoyer Stories
  4. Mother Buckners
  5. Solomon Buries on Sunday
  6. Shanny and Hyde
  7. Shanahan Jobs
  8. Gould Rush
  9. Ellington Coat Factory
  10. San Francisco 4th & 9ers

The Best Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Seahawks Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. The Blair Kicks Project
  2. Sherman’s March to the Title
  3. Sherman’s Last Rant
  4. InstaGraham
  5. Everyday I’m Russelin’
  6. No Mediocre Players
  7. Great Rawls of Fire
  8. Eatty Lacy
  9. I Love Lacy
  10. Heart-shaped Lockett
  11. Baldwin on a Budget
  12. A Christmas Carroll
  13. Hawk Blockers
  14. Roasted Russel Sprouts
  15. Sherman Incompletion Act
  16. Pete Carol’s Bubble Gum
  17. 12th Man Records
  18. Sherminator
  19. Full Hauschka
  20. 12th Men
  21. Hustle Wilson
  22. The Fail Marys
  23. Every Day I’m Russellin
  24. Seahawk Mafia
  25. A Shaved Percy is a Baldwin
  26. Russell Sprouts
  27. Sherman’s March
  28. RussellMania
  29. Tricky Dick’s Pick Six Clique
  30. Not in My Hauschka

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The Best Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Buccs Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Jameis’ Crab Shack
  2. Crab-leg Bootleg
  3. All I do is Winston
  4. You Winston Some, You Lose Some
  5. Almost Jameis
  6. Stairway to Evans
  7. Knockin’ on Evans Door
  8. Teach me how to Dougie
  9. DeSean Jackson 5
  10. MotherBuccaneers
  11. I drink OJ with my crab legs
  12. Koetter up field
  13. Magic Marpet Ride

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The Best Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019The Best Titans Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. Super Mario-ta
  2. Row, Row, Row Your Corey Davis Boat
  3. A Bunch of Mularkey
  4. Music City Miracle Workers
  5. DeMarco Polo
  6. Orakpophobia
  7. Remember the Titans
  8. Get Off My Lewan
  9. Delanie Skywalker
  10. I Will Adoree You Always
  11. Oraktile Dysfunction
  12. Eat, Drink, and D. Murray
  13. The Hurt Locker
  14. Walker, I Don’t Even Know Her
  15. Don’t Get That Two-Tone With Me

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The Best Washington Redskins Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best Redskins Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

  1. We’re Not Kissing Cousins
  2. I’m with your Cousins
  3. Whatsup Doc-tson
  4. The Doc-tson
  5. You Win, I’ll Su’a
  6. Su’acide Squad
  7. S’ua-Tang Clan
  8. Better than seasons Pryor
  9. Terrelle Pryor’s Test Prep Center
  10. Red Dead Reedemption
  11. I don’t Kerrigan
  12. There’s only room for one Scherff
  13. Not Racist Redskins
  14. Washingforeskins

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Other Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019

In addition to breaking fantasy football team names by team we’ve also included some of the most popular names incorporated with TV shows and movies.

Take a look at some of the coolest and wildest fantasy football team names for 2019 that we could find.

The Best Superhero Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019

The Best Super Hero Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

  1. Kaeptain America
  2. Hammer of Gore
  3. Batman and Khiry Robinson
  4. The Flashad Jennings
  5. Wonder Womannuel Sanders
  6. The Vereen Lantern
  7. The Green Laenternick
  8. Dr. Manninghattan
  9. Captain Atom Brady
  10. WolVereen
  11. Mister Majestictor Cruz
  12. Professor FleX
  13. The Incredible Welk
  14. SilVernon Surfer
  15. Dr. DeStrangelo Williams
  16. SuperManning
  17. The Winston Justice League
  18. Teen Titans
  19. Zoo Cruz
  20. X-Menziel
  21. Flash Gordon
  22. A.J. Hawkeye
  23. Boomerisiarang
  24. Wes Luthor
  25. Dr. Maurice Jones-Doom

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The Best James Bond Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best James Bond Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

We know you love James Bond and we know you love fantasy football. Sounds like it’s time to combine James Bond with some of our favorite fantasy names. Ladies and gents we present the best James Bond fantasy football team names of 2019.

  1. Dr. Knowshon
  2. The Manziel with the Golden Gun
  3. Chad Ochopussy
  4. You Only Live Rice
  5. Pussy GaGore
  6. Green and Goldfinger
  7. Andy Dalton: The Best Bond
  8. Danny Goodhead/Holly Woodhead
  9. Live and Let Bye
  10. The Man With the Golden Tate
  11. For Your Eyes Garconly
  12. Diamonds Are Gorever
  13. License to Tannehill
  14. Montee ThunderBall
  15. Goldfingram
  16. The Living DayWrights
  17. Touchdwon Tomorrow Never Dies
  18. The Zuerlin Not Enough
  19. Anquantum of Solace
  20. Aaron Roddjob

The Best Saturday Night Live Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best Saturday Night Live Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019I love Saturday Night Live and you love Saturday Night Live, which means you deserve some incredible Saturday Night Live fantasy football team names. Here are the best Saturday Night Live fantasy football team names of 2018.

  1. Nicks in a Box
  2. My Pick in a Mock
  3. Eric Deck in a Box
  4. Van Down By Phil Rivers
  5. 2 Wild and Crabtree Guys
  6. Josh MacGruber
  7. Montee’s Schweddy Balls
  8. The Ken is Wrightier
  9. Lay Off Me I’m Harvin
  10. Debbie McCowner
  11. Gotta Have McCownbell
  12. Going to Pump Helu Up
  13. Reggie Wayne’s World
  14. Baby Don’t Ertz Me
  15. Oops I Crabtreed My Pants

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The Best Breaking Bad Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best Breaking Bad Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019Breaking Bad may just be one of my favorite TV shows ever. I know I’m not alone in that fact. If you’re as big of a Breaking Bad fan as I am you’ve probably looked for a way to combine the show with your fantasy team name.

You’re in luck because we’ve done all the hard work for you! Here are 25 of the top Breaking Bad fantasy football team names for 2018. Say my name…

  1. Kaep’N Cook
  2. Blue Sky Bros
  3. Flyn Is Cerebral Ballsy
  4. Dammit Marie!
  5. DEA Agent Goodell
  6. Vamanos Pests
  7. Better Call Montee Ball
  8. Skinny Pete and the Badgers
  9. Walter White’s Tighty Whities
  10. Heisenburglers
  11. Flynn’s Breakfast Club
  12. The Salamanca Hit Squad
  13. Yo, Gatorade Me, Bitch!
  14. Big Ben Heisenburger
  15. Rashard Methenhall
  16. The Box Cutters
  17. Have an A1 Day
  18. Bogdan’s Eyebrows
  19. Second Cellphone
  20. Say My Name
  21. Pizza on the Roof
  22. Pinkman Punters
  23. Somkin’ da Ricin
  24. The Schradernaters
  25. Heisenberg’s Hitmen

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The Best South Park Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best South Park Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

South Park is a classic that nearly every fantasy football fan has heard of. If you haven’t, go check it out.

But seriously, here are some of the best South Park fantasy football team names for 2018. If you love fantasy football and South Park, this is the list for you.

  1. Screw You Guys, I’m Santonio Holmes – Cartmans’ Catch Phrase
  2. The Marc Trest-Man-Bear-Pigs – Episode 10.6 from ManBearPig
  3. The Michael Crab-tree People – Episode 7.8 from South Park is Gay
  4. Kayne West Loves RG Three Sticks – Episode 13.5 from Fishsticks
  5. Michael Huff-Cabbage – Episode 14.9 from It’s a Jersey Thing
  6. Butter’s Bottom Bitches – Episode 13.9 from Butters Bottom Bitch
  7. OH MY GOD THEY KILLED HENNE! – The Boys Catch Phrase
  8. Josh Gordon, Drugs are Bad Mmkay – Episode 2.4 from Ike’s Wee Wee
  9. John Kuhn & Friends – Episode 14.11-14.13 from Coon & Friends
  10. Bishop Sankey & Christmas Poo’s – Episode 1.1 from Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo

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The Best Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

I love Game of Thrones. Which is why I needed to compile the best Game of Thrones fantasy football team names.

  1. Winterfell Direwolves
  2. Dothraki Dragons
  3. King’s Landing Wildfire
  4. Castle Black Crows
  5. Crossing Massacre
  6. Casterly Rock Red Cloaks
  7. Iron Islands Storm
  8. Westeros Wildings
  9. Astapor Unsullied
  10. Northern White Walkers
  11. Mother of Dragons
  12. The Khaleesi
  13. Lady Stoneheart
  14. The Red Woman
  15. Queen of Thorns
  16. The Manning Faced God
  17. Doug R.R. Martin
  18. Alshon Joffrey
  19. Demaryius Targaryen
  21. James Starks’ Bastard
  22. Theon Sanders
  23. Samwell Bradford
  24. DeMelisAndre Hopkins
  25. Martavis, the High Sparrow
  26. Winston is Coming
  27. Eddard Lacy, Warden of the Pacific Northwest
  28. Cassel Black
  29. Robert Kraft’s Rebellion
  30. Khal Osweiler of the DothBrocki
  31. Ty Mormont-gomery
  32. La’Theon Belljoy
  33. James White Walkers
  34. The Vale of Aaron
  35. The Rains of CastAmeer Abdullah
  36. A Feast for Crowells
  37. Hands Like Vernon Davos
  38. Tommen and a Brady
  39. Charcandrick Westeros
  40. Williams, Last of House Tyrell
  41. The Blountain that Rides
  42. Valar Martellus
  43. Tate’s Golden Crown
  44. Jaqen H’garoppolo
  45. Gilly-slee of Kraft-ster’s Keep
  46. The Agholord of Light
  47. Grand Maester Parcells
  48. Jameis Lannister and the Golden Hand
  49. A Song of Rice and Favre
  50. By the Ty-Gods and the New
  51. Valyrian Steelers
  52. Mance Raiders
  53. The Three-Eyed Ravens
  54. New York Giantsbane
  55. Narrow Seahawks
  56. Slaver’s Bay Buccaneers
  57. Hand of the viKings
  58. Cleveland Bronns
  59. Meereen Bay Packers
  60. Atlanta’s Purple Wedding
  61. Hardhome-field Advantage
  62. First Downs and Second Sons
  63. The Usurpers
  64. Tywin, Lose, or Draw
  65. The Kingsguard
  66. Halfman, Half Amazing
  67. We’re Number Wun Wun
  68. The Monday Night’s Watch
  69. Stormborn
  70. Ask Me About My Grey Worm
  71. The One True King
  72. Watchers on the Wall
  73. The Direwolf of Wall Street
  74. Dark and Full of Terrors
  75. Born to Be Wildling
  76. Reek
  77. The Sand Snakes
  78. Protector of the Realm
  79. The Kingslayers
  80. Jaqen of All Trades, Maester of None
  81. Ours is the Fury
  82. Trial by Combat
  83. Gendry’s Never Ending Boat Ride
  84. Lord of the Andals
  85. The Dothrookies
  86. Frey & Sons Wedding Planners
  87. The Master of Coin
  88. Land of the Free and Home of the Braavos
  89. The Faith Militant
  90. A Team Has No Name
  91. Battle of the Bastards
  92. Stark Raving Mad
  93. The Unsullied
  94. Lannister Family Reunion
  95. Hodor
  96. Victarion Cruz
  97. The Breastplate Stretchers
  98. Westeros Wildings
  99. Dothraki Dragons
  100. Hold the Oher!
  101. Crows before Hoes
  102. Lamar Morghulis
  103. Battle of the Rosters
  104. MarJerry Jones
  105. Arya ready for some football?
  106. Luck the Lannisters
  107. Winterfell Direwolves
  108. Maesters of the Midway
  109. Theon Sanders
  110. A Manning-ster always pays his debts
  111. House TargArian
  112. Alshon Joffery
  113. King’s Landing Wildfire
  114. The Beyond the Wall Giants
  115. Crossing Massacre
  116. Skip Baelish
  117. Shane Meereen
  118. King Robert Quinn
  119. Wun Wun for the Win Win
  120. Terrance Westeros
  121. The God of Fitz and Wine
  122. Northern White Walkers
  123. Iron Islands Storm
  124. Cleveland Bronns
  125. Vernon Davos
  126. The GridIron Throne
  127. Grey Worms
  128. Grand Maester Russell
  129. Bronny Football
  130. Broncos who Mounts the World
  131. James Starks of Winterfell
  132. MAaron Trant
  133. Walders of Frey
  134. A LIONster always pays his debts
  135. A Feast for Throws
  136. Tyrann Lannister
  137. Khal Fuller
  138. Shame! Shame! Shane!
  139. Red Byrant Wedding
  140. KhaLacy, Mover of Chains
  141. A Team has No Name
  142. The Stallions that mount the world
  143. Castle Black Crows
  144. DeMaryius Stormborn
  145. Astapor Unsullied
  146. Valyrian Steelers
  147. The Sunspear Sand Snakes
  148. A Song of Rice and Pryor
  149. House Tar-Gore-Yan
  150. MelisAndre Johnson
  151. ViKings of the North
  152. Tyrionasarus Rex
  153. Lannister Lions
  154. Tom Brady of Tarth
  155. Mance Raiders
  156. You Know Nothing, Moreno
  157. A Feast for Flaccos
  158. Khal Throwgo
  159. Manning-Faced God
  160. A Feast for Crowells
  161. Renly’s Rear Guard
  162. Take you Wun on Wun
  163. Aryan Fosters
  164. Casterly Rock Red Cloaks
  165. For the Watch
  166. A Game of Jones
  167. DwyerWolves
  168. House Frey Wedding Planners
  169. Crasters Keepers
  170. Westeros Welkers
  171. Aaron Rodgers: King of the North
  172. Hodor’s Hodors
  173. Three Eyed Ravens
  174. All Hail the Royal Fitz
  175. The House Greyjoy No-Sows
  176. House Chargeryen
  177. Whitner is coming
  178. White Welkers
  179. Queen Cersei’s Punt
  180. A Lannister always pays his Dez
  181. For the night is dark and full of Bears
  182. ViKingslayer
  183. Jameis Lannister

The Best True Detective Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Best True Detective Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

True Detective is considered by some to be the best show on TV right now. As so many people have grown to be fans, we felt it was only fair to include some True Detective Fantasy Football team names for 2018. Here are some of the best ones we could find:

  1. RustleMania
  2. Cohle’s Lone Star All-Stars
  3. Rust-i-culous
  4. Marty’s Lonely Hart Club Band
  5. Hart Investigative Solutions
  6. Regular Type Dude With a Big …
  7. LeDoux and LeDonts
  8. The Yellow Kings
  9. The Devil Catchers
  10. The Spaghetti Monsters
  11. The Lawnmover Man
  12. The Flat Circles
  13. Barbie Doll Gangbang
  14. The Iron Crusaders
  15. The Grapes of Erath
  16. Bad Men at the Door
  17. Dora’s Explorers
  18. The Monster at the End
  19. Debts to be Paid
  20. Cohle Hearted Snake

I’ve never seen True Detective, but I bet a few of these fantasy football team names resonate with your True Detective fans.

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The Best The League Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The league is an instant classic for fantasy football fans everywhere. Although some of the fantasy football team names you’ll see below are commonplace in the industry, we believe that they still act as great options for certain owners. In fact, I love some of these fantasy football team names to death. Maybe it’s just because I really enjoy the show.

  1. Try the Veal
  2. Password is Taco
  3. The Bobbum Men
  4. The Scrote Squad
  5. Mr. McGibblets
  6. The Shiva Blasts
  7. Dick Cream
  8. The Herdsman
  9. Sacko del Toro
  10. Taco Corp
  11. El Cunado
  12. Gattaca
  13. Double Dropping Deuces
  14. The Mental Erections
  15. Tit Whiskey
  16. The Fear Boners
  17. Tinker Stinkers
  18. The Rafi Bombs
  19. The Breastalyzers
  20. Shiva Blast
  21. $7 Worth of Hoobastank
  22. The Trade Rapists
  23. The Mayan A-Cock-A-Lips
  24. Jizzclosure
  25. Ol’Smoke Crotch
  26. Chalupa Batmans
  27. The White Knucklers
  28. The Dirty Randys
  29. Brolo el Cunado
  30. The Murder Boners

Even if you aren’t enjoying these “The League” inspired fantasy football names for 2019 I recommend checking out the show from season 1. It’ll get you hooked and keep you coming back for more. These fantasy football team names will keep your fantasy spirit alive all season long.

The Best Workaholics Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019

Workaholics is a classic comedy central show that has grown a wild and passionate fan base. Many love it while others can’t stand it. For those of you that are looking to add some Workaholics team names to your fantasy football life I recommend checking out the suggestions below. They’re the best Workaholics fantasy football team names we’ve found online to date.

  1. The Raw Doggers
  2. The Dad Dicks
  3. Fully Torqued
  4. Straight Grizzly’s
  5. God Damned Farm Shamans
  6. The Wizards
  7. Big Ol’ God Titties
  8. Silver Rights Activists
  9. Fry Guys
  10. The Tight Buttholes
  11. Brociopath
  12. Deputy Dong
  13. MeatJerkinBeefBoys
  14. Dry Guys
  15. Thor’s Hammer
  17. The Chupacabrajes
  18. Water Trash
  19. Chamilitary Ment
  20. Tezmanian Devils

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The Best Archer Themed Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019

The TV show Archer has gained a ton of fans across the world, and rightfully so. It only makes sense that Archer fans want to incorporate one of their favorite shows with their fantasy football league. These are some of the best Archer Fantasy Football Team Names that we could find9

  1. Duchesses
  2. Danger Zone
  3. Lana’s Vulva
  4. ALLO!
  5. Shit Snacks
  6. Fister Roboto
  7. Team Live Badass
  8. Horatio Cornblowers
  9. Team Meouschwitz
  10. Whore Island Ocelots
  11. Archers of Lovecrosse
  12. Sploosh!
  13. The Whordiots
  14. Green Rusians
  15. Piggly Pigskins
  16. Casa Blumpkin League!
  17. The Pele of Anal
  18. Poovey Farmers
  19. Rich Ass Tunts
  20. Dicknuts
  21. Ocelotta Touchdowns
  22. Fisto-roboto’s
  23. Team Other Barry
  24. Rays Rimmers
  25. Archers of Loaf-crosse

Dr. Who Theme Fantasy Football Team Names for 2019

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen Dr. Who in my life. What I do know is that there are a ton of fans across America that absolutely love the show. With a great fan base comes fantasy football themed team names. Here are some of the best Dr. Who fantasy football team names for 2018.

  1. Cult of Skaro
  2. Sparrow and Nightingale
  3. Jammy Dodgers
  4. Pandorica
  5. Team Gallifrey
  7. The Fightin’ Feezes
  8. Hooverville Outcasts
  9. Feezes and Bowties
  10. The Faces of Bowe

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Classic Fantasy Football Team Names 2019

Everyone loves a classic and some of these classic fantasy football team names will never go out of style. We’ve found some that we love and others that we don’t, but that’s the thing about classics. There’s always room for debate.

  1. Naughty by Nurture
  2. Easy Breesy Beautiful
  3. Straight Outta Tomlin
  4. Living on a Prater
  5. EZ-Dez It
  6. Jive Turkeys
  7. The Dark Side of Warren Moon
  8. Forte Acres and a Mule
  9. Scobee Snacks
  10. Too Legit to Britt

There are tons of other classic fantasy football team names out there. These are just some of the most popular ones we’ve seen online in 2018.

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names Based on TV Shows for 2019

We all know that there are thousands of TV shows that we all love and would love to create fantasy football team names off of them. You’re in luck because we’ve broken down some of the best fantasy football team names based off tv shows. Some of the best ones include:

  1. Scobbe Snacks
  2. Jersey Leshoure
  3. Tashard by an Angel
  4. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  5. Game of Throwns
  6. Dancin’ With Jacoby
  7. Kendall the Bounty Hunter
  8. Helu Kitty
  9. Hatfields & McCoys
  10. King of the Tannehill
  11. Shootin’ Newton
  12. Is That Your Final Ansah?
  13. Arreliousted Development
  14. Stafford & Son
  15. Talib it to Beaver

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The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

Sometimes picking a fantasy football team name doesn’t have to be purley focused on an NFL team, a TV show or a movie. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the “funniest” fantasy football team names of 2018.

Are some of the repeats from above? Probably, but when you have 5000+ fantasy team names in a list, repeats are bound to happen.

So here are the funniest fantasy football team names for 2018. (This list is courtesy of Athlon Sports).

    1. Greatest Show on Paper
      League of Ordinary Gentlemen
      12 Angry Men
      The Madden Curse
      The Motley Crew
      If At First You Don’t Succeed, Play Fantasy
      If you’re not FIRST; you’re LAST League
      Injured Head & Shoulders
      Fantasy Football Factory (FFF)
      I’m Surrounded by Idiots
      Too Poor to Golf
      There Can Only Be One
      Fam Bam!
      Smackmouth Smackdown
      C’mon Man!
      Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians (FLASH)
      Weekend at Hernie’s
      12 Men Out
      Fantasy Fanatics
      Fantasy Field of Dreams
      Our Boss Think’s We’re Working
      Belichick Film School
      In Memory of Tebowing
      Fantasy League of Below Average Gentlemen
      No Punt Intended
      League of Champions
      Gridiron Gurus Only!
      The League
      Sunday Funday
      Justice League
      Bragging Rights League
      The Dirty Dozen
      Weekend Warriors
      Lombardi would be Proud
      10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots
      Road to Glory
      Coast to Coast
      Goodfellas and Bad Girls
      Darwin’s Theory
      The Unusual Suspects
      The Longest Yard
      Show Us Your TDs
      Easy Money
      LIFO – Last in First Out
      Average Joes
      11 Amateurs and 1 Pro
      Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner League
      League of Our Own
      Somewhere Bill Walsh is Crying League
      Low Expectations League
      Armchair Football League (AFL)
      League of Misfits
      Stumblin’, Bumblin’ and Fumblin’
      Legends in their own Minds
      Last Man Standing League
      12 enter; 1 leaves
      League of Leagues
      Way Cool League
      Flaunt and Taunt League
      Playing for Keeps League
      Fleur de League
      2 Minute Drill
      League of Nations
      The Federation of Dunces
      For the Love of the Game
      The Showdown
      Pigskin Junkies
      Legion of Doom
      King of Kings League
      Bring it On
      Stay Thirsty My Friends League
      The Professionals
      Snapping necks and cashing checks
      They are who we thought they were
      Call of Duty
      Pigskin Prognosticators
      The Statement in the Basement
      Any Given Sunday
      Lombardi’s Tudor League
      E-lemon-ator League
      A League of Our Own
      No Guts No Glory
      Blood, Sweat and Beers
      League of Extraordinary Nerds
      All in the Family
      Best of the Rest
      Football Junkies
      Game of inches
      Frozen Tundra League
      Are you Ready for Some Football League
      Frantic Football Freaks
      Gridiron Great
      No Fun League
      We Need Some Time Away from our Family
      Golden Tate Warriors
      Little Red Fournette
      Hide & Zeke
      Dalvin & The Chipmunks
      When the Le’Veon Breaks
      Le’Veon la Vida Loca
      Le’Veon a Prayer
      Game of Jones
      Julio Think You Are?
      Julio Let the Dogs Out
      Goff Balls
      My Ball Zach Ertz
      My TE Ertz When Eifert
      It’s Too Late to Say Amari
      Fatt Morte
      Drinkin’ Fortes
      Winning Is My Forte
      Forte Shades of Grey
      Forte Year Old Virgin
      San Francisco 4th & 9ers
      Stairway to Evans
      Knockin on Evans Door
      2 Gurley’s 1 Cup
      Runs Like a Gurley
      The Gurley Gates
      A Zeke Outlook
      All About That Bosa
      Wilfork on 1st Date
      Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood
      Eat, Drink and D. Murray!
      The Walking Dez
      Dez Nuts
      Dez Does Dallas
      Dez-ed & Confused
      From Wentz You Came
      Wentz, Twice — Three Times a Lady
      Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?
      Forte inch Ditka
      Inglourious Bradfords
      Chronic Masterdeflater
      Check My Balls
      Discount Belichick
      Yo Belichick Yo Self
      Super Mario-ta
      Jamaal About That Bass
      Jamaal Charles in Charge
      Turn Down for Watt
      JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team
      1.21 JJ WATTS
      You Down With JPP?
      Hernandez Hit Men
      Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!
      You Kaepernick the Future
      Erect Dicker
      Geno 911!
      Multiple Goregasms
      Ladies and Edelman
      Backfields and McCoys
      Inglorious Staffords
      Stafford Infection
      Mike Vick in a box
      Montee Can Buy you Happiness
      My Percy’s on Broadway
      In a Van Down by the Rivers
      Cry Me a Rivers
      Pitch a Trent
      50 Trent
      Drake’s New Favorite Team
      Mount Douchemore
      Waka Flacco Flame
      U Mad Bro?
      Abdullah Oblongata
      Rudolph Redzone Reindeer
      Trolling Crabtree
      Kung Suh Panda
      Suh Girls, One Cup
      Boy Named Suh
      It’s a Hard Gronk Life
      Party Like a Gronk Star
      The Big Gronkowski
      We Wilfork You
      Wilfork Dance Party
      Keyshawn Beliebs
      No Money Manziel
      Evil Empire
      Revis’ Vineyard
      Bend it Like Beckham Jr.
      Jay-Z’s My Agent
      Off to Tennessee the Whiz
      Remember the Titans
      Kissing Suzy Kolber
      Smokin’ Jay Cutler
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
      Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers
      Kaepernick Swag
      Mannings’ O-Face
      Sherman’s Last Rant
      The Boldin the Beautiful
      Gisele’s Bundchens
      Mr. UGG Boots
      Brady Gaga
      The Brady Bunch
      Luck Beat A Brady Tonight
      Call Me the Brees
      No Romo
      80% Mental, 40% Physical
      Laces Out
      Show Me the Money
      Big Ol’ Bortles
      Not Racist Redskins
      Hard Knocks Life
      Turn Your Head and Coughlin
      Forgetting Brandon Marshall
      It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
      Favre Dollar Footlong
      Crab-leg Bootleg
      Makin’ It DWayne
      Luckness Monster
      Up All Night to Get Luck-y
      Red Hot Julius Peppers
      Slow White Bronco
      Dak to the Future
      Golden Taint
      Shake it Goff
      Hartline Bling
      Zeke Squad
      Green Eggs and Cam

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

These are some of the best fantasy team names we could find online. I didn’t come up with these names on my own, in fact, I pulled them from various sources online. So thank you to everyone for having some great team names. This shoutout includes Reddit, the users of Reddit and various other sites across the internet. You’ve given us all a nice variety of fantasy football team names for 2019.

We believe this is the best of bunch and that some of these names will get a laugh or two. In fact, even if you don’t use these names you should enjoy reading some of them.

If you have some other great fantasy team names that you think we missed, share them below. We’d love to grow the list further.

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