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DFS Super Bowl: Making an Effective Fantasy Draft

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When it comes to the grandest stage that your game offers, having the most skilled players on your team would be the best option. This proves more accurate for the teams in the NFL, as having extraordinary athletes would make the roster more formidable and increase the chances of them reaching the Super Bowl.

It would sound as pleasant to Fantasy players since they look at the players’ progress and tally those as fantasy points. For every play or move they complete, corresponding points would be given. Drafting better and active players would yield promising results come score calculation.

Making fantasy drafts, straightforward as they may be, have their own difficulties and complications. For competitive players, drafting depths need to be achieved to make their drafts useful. Anyone wanting to draft needs to follow helpful Super Bowl DFS tips to achieve their dream roster. Hence, listed below are the tips you can follow to have the best fantasy draft.

Star-studded Roster

It’s expected that the star players of each team would be instantly picked for fantasy lineups. Since it’s the Super Bowl, with prestige and pride on the line, teams would utilize their best players to the best of their abilities, giving their all for the championship title.

They’d potentially complete more passes, fight for more touchdowns and interceptions, and bulk up their defenses. For them, they would need every successful play because every single point counts.

For Fantasy players, however, that would mean more fantasy points. The fantasy scoring system is based on the players’ efforts; the more they score, the more fantasy players there are.

The star players the Fantasy drafters might want to pick would possibly hail from the currently dominant teams in the NFL. Some of those would be Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes II, Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, and Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. 

Picking High-contributing Supports

Of course, having a few all-star players won’t cut it. Without the help of the entire team, they wouldn’t be able to reach the playoffs, let alone the finals. Having generous support effectively helps build a solid lineup, and them being active would potentially yield many points that both their teams and fantasy players need.

It also allows your best players to have more input and contribution during plays with excellent supports behind them. With supports performing well besides your star picks, your fantasy draft is sure to yield many points.

An example of generous support in a top-tier team would be Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill. During his eleven games so far during this season, he tallied 68 receptions over 1,021 yards, where 13 of those led to touchdowns. 

Expect the Unexpected

It is not uncommon that there would be players coming off the bench that absolutely explode during high-stake games. While these reserve players might look like they aren’t showing any promise throughout the regular season, they actually might have outstanding performances. However, there’s a high possibility that they’re not consistent enough in their performance to be noticed.

When intense games happen, teams tend to cycle through every player they have. When star players and their supporters need to rest for a few minutes, they rely on reserve players. Having unexpectedly high-performing bench players in your roster might prove to be worth it when the time comes.

Checking Up on History

Injuries tend to be more frequent as games grow more intense. This is incredibly taxing for teams going into the playoffs. Having one or two injured players would be fine in the regular season. But having excellent overall results in the playoffs means a lot when going for the championship title.

In the NFL, taking care of all the players’ health and state is crucial for a successful run. Replacing them would either be highly difficult and can be downright impossible during a playoff run. However, it’s easier for Fantasy players to swap players and modify the roster for a safer and better run.

A major problem lies when a favored pick does get injured during their playoff games and would likely be forced to end their run then. That ruins predictions completely; recalculations and exchanges would be needed for a continued successful run. Monitoring the players’ health even in Fantasy drafts would pay off eventually. 


The Super Bowl demands a lot from the players who participate in it, may it be time, effort, or your overall well-being. It also inspires them, as winning it would give them the pride and acknowledgment they deserve. Their names would be immortalized in the Hall of Fame when becoming victors, giving them the will and the drive to be the best team this season.

With that in mind, those who participate in Fantasy Football also take advantage of their teams’ drive. When the players they pick succeed, so would they. Taking note of the factors mentioned would be crucial for Fantasy players who want to have a high standing when it comes to Fantasy drafts in the Super Bowl.  

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