It’s 2020

And it’s time to hear the fantasy football podcast you’ve always deserved

We’re not saying that you’ve been let down in the past, but you’ve been let down in the past. Hit play and listen to the brutally honest fantasy football advice you didn’t know you were missing.

We’ll come to you

You Pick The Time & Place

The LTFF podcast can literally be anywhere you are, no matter the time of day (or night). We’re proud to say that we’ve grown this little fantasy football podcast to something of epic proportions (in our own minds at least). We’re now on every major podcast platform out there (or pretty close). That means you can find us on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, PocketCasts, Anchor and so much more. If you prefer Google Homeand Alexa, we’re there too. All you have to do is ask for us.

Drumroll please.

It’s Time To Tune In

Fantasy football for the masses isn’t easy. We know that some of you love more NFL focused content while others prefer pure fantasy football madness. It’s why we have everything from 20-minute episodes to 1-hour plus on our 2020 fantasy football podcast. You can tune in for the ones you want and skip the ones that aren’t your speed. We don’t take it personally. So read the title, the caption and pick the episodes you love best. You’re bound to love a few fantasy football episodes for 2020. In fact, we’d argue it’s the best fantasy football podcast of 2020.